Exploring a Baptist Tradition

This page of my website is dedicated to a large and (perhaps too) ambitious project that I am working towards. The post below titled “Exploring a Baptist Tradition” explains this at length, but here is the short version: I am exploring the planning, establishment, growth, and content of Baptist seminary (post-baccalaureate) education in the Northern United States from its first schools in the early nineteenth century up until it the founding of the Northern Baptist Convention (1907). And I intend to narrate my efforts on this page.

This is a huge subject with many angles to explore, and I have done some of that in my published dissertation and in other works. As the long post explains, I have a large project in mind that I anticipate taking many years to explore, similar to what a dissertation might be, though I see this project as more ambitious. Because it is large, I anticipate offshoots and distractions along the way. My goal is to use this page of my website to narrate this exploration in all its facets. Basically, I want to carry out much of the historical process out in the open. I think this is helpful to me for at least three reasons: (1) it helps me decompress and share what I’m working on, (2) I hope it helps me connect with others who have similar or tangential interests, and (3) I want to show a little of what all the historical nitty gritty looks like in this subject.

Again, that is the short explanation. See the “Exploring a Baptist Tradition” post below for a longer explanation. Otherwise, I hope you come along for the ride, make comments, challenge my findings, and maybe learn something too.

The Baptist Everywhere Man

Of all the names in Baptist history, William Staughton (1770–1829) is almost surely not a familiar one. Most would not know if he was an English or American Baptist. Most would be hard-pressed to point to the events that Staughton was connected with. Up to a short while ago, I would have been able…

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Irah Chase (1793–1864)

There are a few figures who left behind a significant heritage for their denomination. Sometimes, these figures become lost as time and denominations move on. Irah Chase is one of those figures. The denomination he influenced was the early American Baptists (and the North more than the South). The area he influenced was theological…

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